Hanafuda – 花札

The essential Japanese card game – theme is seasons & tradition !


Discover the hanafuda game cards without moderation !

Each month of the year corresponds to 4 cards illustrating the flowering of the moment in Japan :

  • January : Pine trees,
  • February : Plum blossom,
  • March : Sakura blossom,
  • April : Wisteria,
  • May : Water Lilies,
  • June : Peony,
  • July : Japanese Red Clover,
  • August : Sasaki Grass,
  • September : Chrysanthemum,
  • October : Mapple trees,
  • November : Willow trees,
  • December : Palownia.

Among these 48 cards, half of them carry traditional figures allowing to make combos called “Yaku”. The more traditionally valued the Yaku, the more points it earns you !

Hanafuda cards allow you to play several games, the most popular being “Koi-Koi” (aka “may luck come to me”). Indeed, the game exploits the strategy, the luck and the greed of the players.

By capturing face-up cards from the play area, the player reveals some of the cards in their hand. Indeed, we can only capture a card of the same month as one that is in our hand.

Thus, to capture for example a crane card, the player will have to seize it by presenting in proof a card of January/pins previously hidden in his hand.

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